May 20th & June 24th 2020

Global Quality Space Summit

2 days - 2 industries

Global Quality’s first pure online conference with unique speakers, presenting the latest innovations and technologies in the industry. Two conferences on two different days are waiting for interested participants with a worth knowing program, focusing on an industry overview and innovations.

Would you like to get a broad industry overview for software-supported quality assurance and exchange ideas with the most important quality managers and decision-makers in the industry?

In this case, we have the best opportunity for you right now, by participating in our first online Global Quality online conference!

We provide you with a direct overview, mediate between the important participants and decision-makers and thus promote our joint exchange - the two dates are covering our two most important industries (packaging and pharmaceutical).

Speakers Lineup

May 20th 2020
for Print Industry
2pm - 6pm CEST

June 24th 2020
for Pharmaceutical Industry
2pm - 6pm CEST

Registration for free access

Registration and participation are completely free. You do not need any other software to participate in the Summit. After registration, you will receive login access to view all contributions.